Men’s World Cup tournament sparks fresh interest in soccer in San Antonio

Local soccer organizations report the championship, which ends on Dec. 18, is inspiring more San Antonians to take up the sport.카지노사이트

It’s fairly easy to find a team to join since the sport is already very popular.

Renee Rodriguez is the registrar for the San Antonio Soccer Association. It is affiliated with FIFA, which oversees the World Cup. It also has affiliations with Major League Soccer and U.S. Soccer, among others.

Rodriguez prides herself on placing boys and men who contact the association on the team right for them, whether it’s on a recreational level or on a higher level of play.

“My job is to place them. We have leagues that are from top division all the way to lower division, so we can put any player anywhere. We accept any player,” she explained.

Rodriguez said there are a few questions players must answer first.

“I have to actually ask them, ‘how long have you been playing. Did you play club soccer?’ Because you have to get an idea. Some of these teams have been playing with each other for so long.”

Rodriguez said the World Cup has been good for business.

“My phone is constantly ringing for individual players. I have new teams coming in for the spring, and the closer it gets to the final, I have quite a few. I would say we have close to now 60 teams. Then the spring, of course, we’re going to have way more because I’m gonna get them registered. … The World Cup has tremendously helped quite a bit.”

Some of the players 18 and over who contact the association are placed with the GRAYSA Arsenal Club in Schertz. Its president, Dee Santa Cruz, agrees with Rodriguez that something right now is creating interest not just in watching soccer but playing it too.

“Right now, I believe it’s the World Cup because that’s just making it more. … It’s more sexy to play soccer right now.”

Santa Cruz said it’s not too expensive for younger players to get started.

“It’s actually not as expensive as any other sport, like football or baseball. I actually think it’s cheaper, as far as recreation goes. Our prices start at $90 for the little tots because we take them at three years old. They go up to $120 for recreation. That’ll get you a fundamental start. That’s like having fun — learning how to kick the ball.”

Santa Cruz’s husband, Rick, is the registrar for GRAYSA Arsenal. He also takes care of their fields at the Shertz Soccer Complex. He says it’s a bit more expensive to play above the recreational level and in the select program. But there is an academy to help them.

“So, the select program means they got to go try out and get selected to be on a team. And that’s why our academy program’s very probably fundamental to teaching skills because that’s what we are looking for in a select program. So, if they make the select program, it’s $1,500 a year or $150 for ten months and then the uniform. … That’s going to run about $200.바카라사이트

GRAYSA Arsenal also accepts girls who want to play on a team.

To see some of the best soccer pros in the nation in action, one needs not look further than the San Antonio Football Club, which this year won the United Soccer League Championship.

The team based at Toyota Field has a training academy for enthusiasts who want to improve their skills.

The field itself illustrates the growing popularity of soccer. It seats 8,300 people but can be expanded to 18,000 seats. The Star Soccer Complex is located next door and has 13 fields for rental to youth and adult leagues.

The two facilities sit off I-35 in the Schertz area. They represent just some of the hundreds of soccer fields across the area and the thousands of youths and adults who suit up to play games for recreational or select teams.

Looking ahead

For those fans who sharpened their skills but may be sad the Men’s World Cup is over, they won’t have long to wait long for the next international extravaganza.

Next year, Australia and New Zealand will host FIFA’s Women’s World Cup, from July 20 to Aug. 20. It’s the first time two nations host the women’s games. Like the men’s games, the Women’s World Cup is held every four years. Unlike the men’s games, the U.S. outlook is much brighter. The Americans have won this trophy four times, including their 2019 faceoff with the Netherlands.

The Men’s World Cup returns in 2026. Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will share the games among more than a dozen cities — including Houston and Arlington.온라인카지노

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