EA files patent for anti-collision system for online games

Players on opposing teams colluding in online gaming is a tale as old as time. Whether it’s killing each other to finish challenges and earn rewards, or combining squads in a battle royale game to steamroll the competition, players have always found a way to work together when they’re not supposed to. Now, one of gaming’s biggest companies is taking affirmative action against the matter. EA has filed a patent for a new AI technology that will detect when players are colluding, and punish them for it.카지노사이트

EA recently filed a patent for its new AI technology, as originally reported by Exputer. In the filing, EA provides further detail on how the tech will work. The software will use game and player data to determine if you know an enemy player outside of the game. This includes checking your friends list, seeing if you’ve played with them in other EA titles, sent them messages previously, or even interacted with them on social media accounts that you’ve connected to EA.바카라사이트

If it’s determined that a player did indeed collude with another, they’ll face punishment. EA provides examples of potential punishments for colluding players in the filing. “Colluding teams or players may be removed from the match, disqualified from rewards, suspended, banned and so on.”

With games like Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends under its jurisdiction, EA is likely quite familiar with the phenomenon of players colluding. The company provides several examples as what it sees as colluding, and how it harms other players.

With EA filing the patent for its new anti-collusion AI technology, we’ll have to wait to see how it ends up being implemented. There’s a solid chance that it never actually sees the light of day, or goes through some intense revisions before it does. Either way, stick with Shacknews for more on the latest business moves at EA.온라인카지노

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